05 April 2012

M2 Bradley Diecast Repaint

I bought this Dragon diecast a while back and finally I've painted it. It was originally finished in NATO
three color woodland, but it's now a kind of greyish sand which is actually darker than it is in the photos. It is more suitable for the middle east even though I will use it against my Russians, but I figure:

1) Vehicle camouflage doesn't really work when you have lumbering, noisy monsters like these;
2) Most US vehicles are ready for middle east deployments so they would not have time for a temperate repaint;
3) This color is more suitable in an urban environment (especially one with smoke and rubble) than three color camo. 

But in reality I'm just cheap and don't want to have one vehicle for Europe and one for the Middle East. 

I don't have any MIG pigments so I made my own out of colored blackboard chalk. 

This is an excellent model that was a steal at just $10. 

Winttrix Out


  1. well done emmett. I agree with you totaly on camo. hense my figs have that dark, dark green. there is not alot of tones in there but in the contry they are figting a battle may run from the jungle into the city and out into the plains. so the camo has to be more simbolic than sensible.

    well done. now I must get onto that challenger

  2. Nice job! I had the privilege of seeing the hull of one of these pass me on a tractor trailer recently. I built the kit version of this Dragon one, very nice model.

  3. Nice work. Good job with the pigments as well. I think you can easily get away with using this vehicle in multiple environments.