07 April 2012

GRU Spetznaz Operators

Here are my four GRU (Internal Spetznaz) Operators. The Sphera helmeted figures are Orion and the officer with the beret is an Orion conversion. The female sniper is a slightly converted Caesar figure. 

The GRU Spetznaz are the original Spetznaz unit, and the most experienced. They often wear the uniforms of the regular troops to hide their operations from the military command. One of their possible missions is to destroy US missile systems in the event of war. More recently, their missions have been expanded to include counterterrorism. They have fought in the Soviet War in Afghanistan, both Chechen wars, and the 2008 South Ossetia war. The GRU is the Military Intelligence of the former Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation.  

The camouflage is a Russian-produced urban coloration of M81 Woodland. Paints are Vallejo.

Winttrix Out.


  1. nice one, Those orion figs look far better painted than on PSR.

    I am not going to say "gowan out" as it sound alot like "going out" (not really)

  2. I like them very much! The conversion is great, it's funny but I recognized the figure I just couldn't tell what had changed, that's the mark of a great conversion.

    1. Thanks Ben, the conversion that did take place on the sniper was to modify the bandana to look a bit more like hair and to add a scope to a strangely scopeless rifle. On the officer I added an MP5K because I thought he needed a bit more than a pistol in a drop-down.

    2. Oh yes I recognise the fig now. I have not seen the fig from that angle before, PSR could have photographed it at a better angle

  3. Great job on the conversions and basing. And of course the painting, but that goes without saying.