27 January 2012

Thank you viewers of the blog

Today I found that I had my first 600 page views. I want to thank everyone who has viewed it so far and especially my first ten followers. I promise to have regular updates as long as I continue painting and wargaming.

Thanks all!

Winttrix (Emmett F.)

26 January 2012

SFOD-D/DEVGRU Technical Support

Here's the transport for my Special Operators. Although it's just an SUV, it's actually uparmoured with Kevlar so represents an "Uparmoured Softskin" in FoF. 

Aside from the gunner, it was a simple conversion of a Maisto diecast. The gunner was originally the PaK 40 gunner from the Italieri "servants" set. I removed most of the detail from his body, gave him a headswap, and then I resculpted with Milliput. I also put the Minimi on a pole and in his hands. 

Thanks for looking!

SFOD-D/DEVGRU Special Operators

These are my four US special operators. They will serve in Afghanistan and my fictional WWIII conflict. They are limited to one fireteam because in FoF they are troop quality d12, the highest troop quality.

The only conversion is the guy in the baseball cap and shemagh, I cut down his boonie hat to be a baseball cap and made the shemagh out of milliput. 

10 January 2012

Generic Police Riot Squad/SWAT Team

Here's my generic Police Riot Squad/SWAT Team. They are all from Caesar's wonderful Special Forces Worldwide set. They are painted very simply, with no camouflage, just dark grey. The hardest part was the very small "POL" letters. 

I intend to use them for airport hostage rescues, civillian uprisings, and maybe even ZOMBIES!

As you may notice I played around with the pictures, in the style of Norwegian Army official photography ;)

09 January 2012

Modern Russians- One Squad, Two Fireteams

This is my Modern Russian squad, mostly using Orion figures (the figure in the gasmask is Caesar). They will serve against NATO forces in my fictional 2016+ wargames. The uniform is the new Russian Digital pattern. The squad consists of two fireteams of four figures (one RPD for each) and a squad leader, who is depicted in the two detail shots.

I was really happy with the Orion figures. They may seem sparse on detail when they are unpainted, but painted they become little beauties. My hat comes off to Orion for this effort. 

Winttrix Out

NATO Barret Sniper Team

Here's my first post of a new blog!

This is a Barret .50 Cal sniper team for NATO/Coalition/ISAF forces in FoF. The shooter is a slightly modified (with a partial Milliput Ghille) Caesar figure, from their first Modern US Army set. The spotter is a prone Esci WWII US infantryman, with a full Milliput Ghillie. It is all based on thick card. 

The two are wearing MultiCam underneath their Ghillies.