26 June 2012

Iraq ??

Yes, something new once again. Let's hope this gets finished.

My finished group of US soldiers. Three fireteams, one .50 sniper team, a TOW HMMWV, and an ambulance have been finished. The Bradley has been show before. The figures are Ceasar and Revell. Elhiem figures will be used to round out a platoon.

Three conversions to work on until I make that Elhiem order. Two Ceasar figures modified into CCTs and one Airfix conversion for Saddam's Army. 

18 June 2012

Recon in Nkizuna

The Republic of Nkizuna is a mineral rich, impoverished Central African nation in the 21st century. The year is 2016 and the populations of the west are resource hungry in a world with increasingly depleted resources. What was originally a race between the west, Russia, and China to grab onto remaining sources degenerated into armed conflict.
American, German, and Dutch forces are holding a thin defensive line between a Russian expeditionary force and the Nkizunan chromium mines. Refugees fled days before. Today a small contingent of US SOF and Dutch Kommandotroepen hold a defensive position on the edge of an urban slum. It is up to them to blunt the forward motion of Russian mech units until heavier support can arrive. They have air assets in the form of an AH-64.
The Russian mission is to probe the NATO lines. This is a recce unit, and it cannot withstand continuous fire. 

The initial set up.

NATO lies in wait.

Russians enter the table.

Hold your fire!

50. cal sniper provides overwatch.

Russians move slowly and carefully up the road. 

The battle begins.

Apache called in!

BTR is heavily damaged

Smokescreens deployed, 1st squad moves up in force.

RPG takes out the G-wagen

BTR no. 1 killed by a lucky .50 to the fuel tanks

Apache death-cam

More destruction.

One small group is flattened by a NATO airstrike.

The Ruskies return the favor.

RPGster holding the fort

Russians exfiltrate.

In all a minor victory for the Russians. They sustained roughly 1/3 of their force KIA, with one BTR destroyed and one other with heavy damage. The Dutch Kommando are all KIA/WIA and the Americans have two snipers killed by Russian artillery. 

The Russian commander was disappointed by the heavy casualties, but the purpose of the mission was to test how effective NATO forces would be against the T-90!

Winttrix Out.