24 April 2012

Challenger 2

Here's my Dragon Chally 2. I left off the dozer blade but I might attach it later. The commander is a HaT head with an original body, sculpted by yours truly. This was one of the best kits I've ever built in my life; everything fit just right. Also, it has excellent rubber tracks which are very easy to attach and yet appear to be link tracks. 

To paint this behemoth, I just sprayed it od green, then washed all over with black. I also used some of my homemade chalk pigments on the tracks, wheels, mudguards, and ERA. 

In the first picture, you might notice some grafitti... er... historical appreciation painted by a crewmember.

Winttrix Out!

22 April 2012


I was commissioned by my friend to sculpt and paint "Ghost" from Call of Duty. He is a heavily modified Caesar figure, with a bergen pack, headphones, kneepads, shemagh, and much more sculpted on to him. 
He is painted with the usual Vallejo. His pants are in MTP camouflage.

Here are the original references:

Winttrix Out!

18 April 2012

Finnish Platoon Orbat

This info is taken from many sources and my not be entirely accurate; if you want to suggest a revision please do so. I hope it is useful.

Maavoimat Infantry Platoon

Platoon HQ
1x Luutnantti (Lieutenant) with Glock 17
1x Assistant Platoon Leader with Rk 62/95
1x Radioman 
1x Combat Medic
1x Sniper with Sako TRG

3x Squad
A squad in the Finnish Army is made up of three fire and maneuver teams, know as taistelupari, or ‘combat pair.’
A taistelupari is comprised of two soldiers. Per squad there will be one taistelupari known as the ‘tank busters.’ They are armed with the 66 KES 88, which is a Finnish version of the M72 LAW. These tank busters approach within 150 meters of the enemy vehicle and then open fire, usually from hastily dug positions. 

Taistelupari No. 1
1x Alikersantti (Corporal) with Rk 62/95 with HK69 grenade launcher attachment. 
1x Rifleman with Rk 62/95.

Taistelupari No. 2
1x Rifleman with Rk 62/95
1x Support Gunner with PKM

Taistelupari No. 3
2x Tank busters with Rk 62/95 and M72 LAW

4x Patria Pasi or Patria AMV in J├Ąger units
4x CV90 or BMP-2 in mechanized units

17 April 2012

Guild Build- "Decrepit, Urban, Abandoned"

This is my entry for Group Build "Building." It is made from my standard cork board construction, paper, coffee stirrers, heavy card, popsicle sticks, various parts from an Airfix kit, and styrene strips. It was painted with a mix of DIY paint, cheap artist paint, Vallejo, and oil paints. I spent all night working on it and was pleased to find it dry and ready to be photographed this morning. 

It will be used in my urban warfare games. The figure is there for scale. 

Winttrix Out!

16 April 2012

Guild Group Build "Building"

I have entered this group build on the Guild forums. I'm looking forward to working on this.

I'm also going to get a nice shiny medal for my participation!

Come back soon to see what I do.

Winttrix Out.

10 April 2012

French Army Test Figures

Here's some of the Caesar figures for the French Army. I was really disappointed with all of these, except maybe for the sniper, which is an excellent pose. I added optics with copper wire to all the FAMAS rifles but didn't bother doing the whole FELIN thing. The CE camo was fun to paint but hard to get the hang of. 

Thanks for looking!

Winttrix Out.

07 April 2012

GRU Spetznaz Operators

Here are my four GRU (Internal Spetznaz) Operators. The Sphera helmeted figures are Orion and the officer with the beret is an Orion conversion. The female sniper is a slightly converted Caesar figure. 

The GRU Spetznaz are the original Spetznaz unit, and the most experienced. They often wear the uniforms of the regular troops to hide their operations from the military command. One of their possible missions is to destroy US missile systems in the event of war. More recently, their missions have been expanded to include counterterrorism. They have fought in the Soviet War in Afghanistan, both Chechen wars, and the 2008 South Ossetia war. The GRU is the Military Intelligence of the former Soviet Union and now the Russian Federation.  

The camouflage is a Russian-produced urban coloration of M81 Woodland. Paints are Vallejo.

Winttrix Out.

05 April 2012

M2 Bradley Diecast Repaint

I bought this Dragon diecast a while back and finally I've painted it. It was originally finished in NATO
three color woodland, but it's now a kind of greyish sand which is actually darker than it is in the photos. It is more suitable for the middle east even though I will use it against my Russians, but I figure:

1) Vehicle camouflage doesn't really work when you have lumbering, noisy monsters like these;
2) Most US vehicles are ready for middle east deployments so they would not have time for a temperate repaint;
3) This color is more suitable in an urban environment (especially one with smoke and rubble) than three color camo. 

But in reality I'm just cheap and don't want to have one vehicle for Europe and one for the Middle East. 

I don't have any MIG pigments so I made my own out of colored blackboard chalk. 

This is an excellent model that was a steal at just $10. 

Winttrix Out

04 April 2012


Here's my AH-64 by Academy. It's generically marked so it can be used with my US forces, my Dutch forces, or with future British forces. I can't wait to use it on overwatch against some tangos!

I hope Gunbird doesn't mind about the glass effects...

01 April 2012

Royal Netherlands Army Squad

Here's my Dutch squad to support the YPR 765 I did earlier. I got the figures from Shaun at S&S back in January. They are excellent figures with lots of life, and they are easy to paint. If done in CADPAT they would probably make good Canadians as well, so that's a bonus. 

I found some good miniature photo tips online and tried them out, and I'm pleased to say this is the first time my figures look better on the screen than in person!

Winttrix Out.