17 April 2012

Guild Build- "Decrepit, Urban, Abandoned"

This is my entry for Group Build "Building." It is made from my standard cork board construction, paper, coffee stirrers, heavy card, popsicle sticks, various parts from an Airfix kit, and styrene strips. It was painted with a mix of DIY paint, cheap artist paint, Vallejo, and oil paints. I spent all night working on it and was pleased to find it dry and ready to be photographed this morning. 

It will be used in my urban warfare games. The figure is there for scale. 

Winttrix Out!

1 comment:

  1. very well done emmett. are those levels removable? oh and my entry is a church. you have used some great texturing there and it is very impressive. as it looks very good the way it is and you don't need to change it, may I make a recomendation for the future?

    I (you would see on my buildings) like to put graffiti and posters up on my walls to give it that look of a political hotbed. though it may seem hard graffiti is easy to do. just use a pen. blue, red and black are the best colours and the easiest to buy. then do over the graffiti with a bry brush of more paint even if you put alot on it will stain through giving it the look of trying to be hidden