01 May 2012

New Period- Rhodesia


While it may not fit with the "ultramodern" title of this blog, I am taking on a new period, the Rhodesian Bush War. I am starting with the terrain, and as I hate doing terrain, I want to get it all done before even any figures are ordered.

I started with these native huts. I based them on photos of huts in Zimbabwe, but they could probably work for other African countries as well. They are very simple, being made mostly out of a 5-8mm cardboard tube (which was beyond a b**ch to cut and required liberal application of power tools). The bases are thin hardboard with sand glued to them. I have two other huts like these about halfway done, but since my scenario only requires four, I'm putting them off.

The bases are painted with a brown artist acrylic and drybrushed with V. Iraqi Sand. I used my homemade "mig" pigments on the huts and added little yellow flowers to the static grass.

Less talking more looking...

Winttrix Out!