18 April 2012

Finnish Platoon Orbat

This info is taken from many sources and my not be entirely accurate; if you want to suggest a revision please do so. I hope it is useful.

Maavoimat Infantry Platoon

Platoon HQ
1x Luutnantti (Lieutenant) with Glock 17
1x Assistant Platoon Leader with Rk 62/95
1x Radioman 
1x Combat Medic
1x Sniper with Sako TRG

3x Squad
A squad in the Finnish Army is made up of three fire and maneuver teams, know as taistelupari, or ‘combat pair.’
A taistelupari is comprised of two soldiers. Per squad there will be one taistelupari known as the ‘tank busters.’ They are armed with the 66 KES 88, which is a Finnish version of the M72 LAW. These tank busters approach within 150 meters of the enemy vehicle and then open fire, usually from hastily dug positions. 

Taistelupari No. 1
1x Alikersantti (Corporal) with Rk 62/95 with HK69 grenade launcher attachment. 
1x Rifleman with Rk 62/95.

Taistelupari No. 2
1x Rifleman with Rk 62/95
1x Support Gunner with PKM

Taistelupari No. 3
2x Tank busters with Rk 62/95 and M72 LAW

4x Patria Pasi or Patria AMV in J├Ąger units
4x CV90 or BMP-2 in mechanized units

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  1. that is some good stats. is this all the troops? or just the comand and support?