04 April 2012


Here's my AH-64 by Academy. It's generically marked so it can be used with my US forces, my Dutch forces, or with future British forces. I can't wait to use it on overwatch against some tangos!

I hope Gunbird doesn't mind about the glass effects...


  1. I do believe that Britan has the Apache. I think? But Britan has the Lynx the worlds fastest helicopter so I cannot see the Apache becoming the mainstay of the british heli fleet

    any way good work. reminds me I need to make my tank

    1. The British do have the Apache. It is called the Agusta-Westland AH-1. In most respects it is externally the same.

  2. Great model sir, beautiful painting especially the glass effect. I would like to use some helicopters in the future but it seems like nothing that the average resistor could throw at it would have much of a chance, it would look neat in a wargame though.