24 April 2012

Challenger 2

Here's my Dragon Chally 2. I left off the dozer blade but I might attach it later. The commander is a HaT head with an original body, sculpted by yours truly. This was one of the best kits I've ever built in my life; everything fit just right. Also, it has excellent rubber tracks which are very easy to attach and yet appear to be link tracks. 

To paint this behemoth, I just sprayed it od green, then washed all over with black. I also used some of my homemade chalk pigments on the tracks, wheels, mudguards, and ERA. 

In the first picture, you might notice some grafitti... er... historical appreciation painted by a crewmember.

Winttrix Out!


  1. nice one! when I finnaly get around to my trumpeter kit I'll do the same colour scheme as it looks great. Though I'll of coarse have any graffiti in espanol and not english

    1. Just so you know Gowan, the Challenger is used by only the British and Oman armies. It might be more suitable if it is used by a British peacekeeping force. There's an idea for you!

    2. actualy I was thinking that for a while. ;-D I have also wondered that because my game is set durning cold war2 that maybe the west is suppling it's own hi tech units to support the national forces

  2. Neat model. I'd hate to have to face that on the field of battle. I like the bits of red glass effect on the turret hatch and sight.