17 July 2012

SF Technical - "Truck" Fast Build Entry

That was fast!

I had all day so I went cracking when this Guild build theme was announced.

I already had been planning to do this so I had most of the bits ready. In the morning I built the roll bars out of steel and copper wire, swapped the ridiculous toy wheels for airfix ones, and mounted the machine gun. Later in the day I painted the guy (a total conversion of a Ceasar figure with an S&S head) and made the stowage. Then I undercoated and painted. At about ten at night I finished the painting and then based it. I just finished the flag and did the pictures. Sadly my camera is messed up and I had to use my mom's iPhone. I think the photos are terrible.

Thanks for looking

Winttrix Out


  1. That looks great. The pose is very unusual for a toy soldier but looks very natural. I saw in an Osprey book once this SF tech with the minimi mounted on a sliding bar. I looks very nice

  2. I like this allot! now I wich I had not sopd off all my old toy cars, well I guess better luck next time, or maybe I can convert that large truck (the blue one) into something more useful???