26 June 2012

Iraq ??

Yes, something new once again. Let's hope this gets finished.

My finished group of US soldiers. Three fireteams, one .50 sniper team, a TOW HMMWV, and an ambulance have been finished. The Bradley has been show before. The figures are Ceasar and Revell. Elhiem figures will be used to round out a platoon.

Three conversions to work on until I make that Elhiem order. Two Ceasar figures modified into CCTs and one Airfix conversion for Saddam's Army. 


  1. Awesome! I've got two platoons of the US in this early camo using the same Caesar and Revell figures. The conversions are looking great as well. Your Bradley came out very nicely

  2. very nice Emmett. cannot wait to see those completed conversions :-D