21 July 2012

Hah! Not a truck...

Well, it seems that the Guild thinks pickups aren't trucks... I just made another pickup.

Welcome Commander Abdul Bashir, the mostest corruptest ANP commander in all of the 'Stan. He's rollin in on his pimped out ride! 

Bashir's been siphoning off funds to Mr. Taliban since 2001. He's a little disappointed he won't be getting any of that unicef money this year. Seriously though, you should see the luxury Jacuzzi he bought with that money last year!

Winttrix Out...

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha, I want a jacuzzi, well not really. nice work Emmett. I really wish I had not sold off all my old cars. I could get more though. perhaps I will get on with altering my truck