23 July 2012

Rusty Clunker

I'm packing all my models tomorrow, so I thought I would build one last thing. Instead of throwing out some old crap models, I cut them apart and into an improvised armoured truck. It's made with parts from Airfix, Pegasus, Dragon, Tamiya, and plasticard. It's from as varied a birth as what it represents. I don't have the time or materials to base it and crew it.

Winttrix Out.

21 July 2012

Hah! Not a truck...

Well, it seems that the Guild thinks pickups aren't trucks... I just made another pickup.

Welcome Commander Abdul Bashir, the mostest corruptest ANP commander in all of the 'Stan. He's rollin in on his pimped out ride! 

Bashir's been siphoning off funds to Mr. Taliban since 2001. He's a little disappointed he won't be getting any of that unicef money this year. Seriously though, you should see the luxury Jacuzzi he bought with that money last year!

Winttrix Out...

17 July 2012

SF Technical - "Truck" Fast Build Entry

That was fast!

I had all day so I went cracking when this Guild build theme was announced.

I already had been planning to do this so I had most of the bits ready. In the morning I built the roll bars out of steel and copper wire, swapped the ridiculous toy wheels for airfix ones, and mounted the machine gun. Later in the day I painted the guy (a total conversion of a Ceasar figure with an S&S head) and made the stowage. Then I undercoated and painted. At about ten at night I finished the painting and then based it. I just finished the flag and did the pictures. Sadly my camera is messed up and I had to use my mom's iPhone. I think the photos are terrible.

Thanks for looking

Winttrix Out

26 June 2012

Iraq ??

Yes, something new once again. Let's hope this gets finished.

My finished group of US soldiers. Three fireteams, one .50 sniper team, a TOW HMMWV, and an ambulance have been finished. The Bradley has been show before. The figures are Ceasar and Revell. Elhiem figures will be used to round out a platoon.

Three conversions to work on until I make that Elhiem order. Two Ceasar figures modified into CCTs and one Airfix conversion for Saddam's Army. 

18 June 2012

Recon in Nkizuna

The Republic of Nkizuna is a mineral rich, impoverished Central African nation in the 21st century. The year is 2016 and the populations of the west are resource hungry in a world with increasingly depleted resources. What was originally a race between the west, Russia, and China to grab onto remaining sources degenerated into armed conflict.
American, German, and Dutch forces are holding a thin defensive line between a Russian expeditionary force and the Nkizunan chromium mines. Refugees fled days before. Today a small contingent of US SOF and Dutch Kommandotroepen hold a defensive position on the edge of an urban slum. It is up to them to blunt the forward motion of Russian mech units until heavier support can arrive. They have air assets in the form of an AH-64.
The Russian mission is to probe the NATO lines. This is a recce unit, and it cannot withstand continuous fire. 

The initial set up.

NATO lies in wait.

Russians enter the table.

Hold your fire!

50. cal sniper provides overwatch.

Russians move slowly and carefully up the road. 

The battle begins.

Apache called in!

BTR is heavily damaged

Smokescreens deployed, 1st squad moves up in force.

RPG takes out the G-wagen

BTR no. 1 killed by a lucky .50 to the fuel tanks

Apache death-cam

More destruction.

One small group is flattened by a NATO airstrike.

The Ruskies return the favor.

RPGster holding the fort

Russians exfiltrate.

In all a minor victory for the Russians. They sustained roughly 1/3 of their force KIA, with one BTR destroyed and one other with heavy damage. The Dutch Kommando are all KIA/WIA and the Americans have two snipers killed by Russian artillery. 

The Russian commander was disappointed by the heavy casualties, but the purpose of the mission was to test how effective NATO forces would be against the T-90!

Winttrix Out.

01 May 2012

New Period- Rhodesia


While it may not fit with the "ultramodern" title of this blog, I am taking on a new period, the Rhodesian Bush War. I am starting with the terrain, and as I hate doing terrain, I want to get it all done before even any figures are ordered.

I started with these native huts. I based them on photos of huts in Zimbabwe, but they could probably work for other African countries as well. They are very simple, being made mostly out of a 5-8mm cardboard tube (which was beyond a b**ch to cut and required liberal application of power tools). The bases are thin hardboard with sand glued to them. I have two other huts like these about halfway done, but since my scenario only requires four, I'm putting them off.

The bases are painted with a brown artist acrylic and drybrushed with V. Iraqi Sand. I used my homemade "mig" pigments on the huts and added little yellow flowers to the static grass.

Less talking more looking...

Winttrix Out!

24 April 2012

Challenger 2

Here's my Dragon Chally 2. I left off the dozer blade but I might attach it later. The commander is a HaT head with an original body, sculpted by yours truly. This was one of the best kits I've ever built in my life; everything fit just right. Also, it has excellent rubber tracks which are very easy to attach and yet appear to be link tracks. 

To paint this behemoth, I just sprayed it od green, then washed all over with black. I also used some of my homemade chalk pigments on the tracks, wheels, mudguards, and ERA. 

In the first picture, you might notice some grafitti... er... historical appreciation painted by a crewmember.

Winttrix Out!

22 April 2012


I was commissioned by my friend to sculpt and paint "Ghost" from Call of Duty. He is a heavily modified Caesar figure, with a bergen pack, headphones, kneepads, shemagh, and much more sculpted on to him. 
He is painted with the usual Vallejo. His pants are in MTP camouflage.

Here are the original references:

Winttrix Out!